Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sold. Two works by Harmen

I recently sold 2 more art works.

The first, a Guache and Aquarelle pencil on paper "White Heron, (Kotuku in the Maori language.)

This work went to a Kerikeri couple and is now proudly displayed in their living room.

This image is closely based on a photograph taken by Martin Sanders of Auckland.
The heron was alighting on a post by the Boat Shed Cafe in Rawene near where we live. I built a custom frame to match the image. Douglas Horman provided the Glass and mat board.

The second, to a Kaikohe couple.
"One owner." Tempera and aquarelle pencil on paper.

The car, an old Morris Eight, was abandoned on a tree covered property in Taheke close to where we live. It was being digested my the forest which put things into perspective for me.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Hand of Harmen has a new owner

Louis and Sue Toorenberg of Wiotemarama are the new owners of the Hand of Harmen.

Together Louis and Sue own the Labyrinth Woodworks, a popular destination for travelers and regular visitors to the Hokianga District.

The Labyrinth Woodworks shop is located in the Waotemarama Gorge, the shop is an outlet for high quality puzzles, local arts and crafts. Visitors enjoy the wonderful Hedge Maze. The Property is located in the most beautiful of settings surrounded by native Kauri forest and the rages forming the northern fringe of the famous Waipoua Forest.

Louis is a puzzle man, he is an inventor and collector of puzzles, his Puzzle Museum is a must see.

Louis and Sue plan to build a large, colourful Rubik's Cube to be set in the hand as a feature in their sculpture garden.

I can't think of a more suitable location for the Hand of Harmen.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My left hand.

Julie and the giant hand.
Harmen, Tigger and the giant hand.

The hand was built by me in the early nineties and it retains its durable finish of epoxy primed fibreglass over a polyurethane foam and steel armature.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A wonderful painted screen by Yvonne Rust comes to Light

Recently I was contacted by someone who's mother knew Yvonne Rust. This person more recently acquired this screen through her mothers estate.

I love it! 

Contact me by leaving a comment if you are interested in learning more about this item and I will put you in touch with the owner. 

Four new boat portraits.

Water colour on paper. A4 size Water colour on paper. A4 size Water colour on paper. A4 size Water colour on paper. ...