Friday, May 18, 2018

Zoe's new balance bike / trike

I just took a weathered one of these and uttered a magic spell and this is what happened.

Zoe's Mum bought to handle grips and a seat cover in purple silicone and also a matching bell.

As she grows her father can raise the seat, remove one rear wheel and convert it to one of these.

When she grows a little more her father can rotate the frame to make an arch which will accommodate her longer legs. I like the concept of this bike.
Sanded plywood components ready for primer.

Primed components ready for top coat.

Top coat applied, graphics and clear coat next, then final assembly.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

An old family tree. (Mid 20th C Dutch Stamboom) Partial restoration and additional portraits.

This image has come to me badly faded with smudges, abrasions and water damage.
This is an original water colour with hand drawn miniature cameo portraits in 4B pencil. This is exceptionally detailed, quality work by an unknown Dutch artist made around the late 1940's or early 1950's.
At some point in it's life this image has been mounted on oil tempered hardboard with wall paper paste. As a result the colour of the board has bled through the paper. Northland's high humidity has ensured that the acidification of the paper with its associated foxing and oxidation has discoloured the paper to a serious degree. This process is reversible with appropriate conservation techniques and resources however there is not the budget to do this.
I have been asked to do a limited visual restoration and to create four new additional portraits to compliment the family tree, three of which I have completed.

I have obscured the water damage on the right side of the tree and made some efforts at cleaning the overall image surface.
I have also recoloured the lower background giving a little more definition to the landscape with windmill and the building to the right of the tree.

I added 4 new portraits, drawn by me in pencil, the 2 girls on the top left and the 2 young boys at top right. The client asked me to add extra limbs to the tree at the top to help with the linking of the additional portraits to the composition.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Recently commissioned. Artists impression. By Harmen Hielkema.

Artists impression of the old Harp of Erin Building Rawene. Water colour and coloured pencil on paper.
Concept design for Rawene 4 Square. J.R. Clendon's Schooner "Fortitude"

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Some of my old sketches have come to light.

All drawings and art copyright, property of originator, Harmen Hielkema
Our old family home in Helensville

A fishing boat in the Kaipara River

                                                  A waterfront scene on the Kaipara River

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dr G. M. Smith of Rawene Hospital

I've just completed my latest pencil portrait. Based on an old magazine photo, the original was not much to go on but I think his character has come back to us in a small way.

Monday, September 7, 2015

L. Douglas Horman, artist, sailor, friend. Passed away September 4th 2015.This is my tribute portrait. Rest in peace my friend.

Brilliant as usual.  I remember the portraits I tried to do in school, they looked more like the walking dead.  Just as well I stuck to boats.


Hi Harmen and Julie

It was lovely to spend some precious time with you both at Doug and Rosemary's the other day. It's still very hard to imagine what life is going to be like without Doug, but I want to tell you that having the wonderful portrait that you did will help. We will always remember the dear man that he was and that he's still with us in spirit every time we look at his picture.

Thank you, it's very special.

Dear Harmen

It is clear to me that some men are driven by divine purpose out of state of love for another human being.

In this I am very sure that is exactly what I see in your portrait of Douglas.  From it I can feel the scrutiny of his kind awareness and gentle disposition that was his and his alone.

Good on you mate and thank you!


Doug Schmuck

Hi Harmen-
   I just wanted to say that your drawing of Doug is fabulous.  We both thought it portrays him perfectly right down to his denim shirt, looking over the top of his glasses and hair a bit windblown-!!!!!  I am sure Rosie will treasure it.  Regards Larry 

I make portraits like this one on commission. I work on high quality paper, from life or from photographs, pencil, coloured pencil, paint.
Message me: 
(PS I already have a wife and don't require another one thanks)

More recent boat portraits by Harmen Hielkema.

Water colour on paper. A4 size. Water colour on paper. A4 size.