Thursday, March 6, 2008

Harmen's sculpture gallery

A small selection of commercial sculpture made by me during my working career. There are many more pieces unrecorded, distributed all over NZ.
Harmen's left hand: Steel armature, polyurethane foam & fiberglass.

A special thanks here to the boys at Bootleg Design: Carl Moody, Mike Chapman, Garreth Pugh, Ray, Kevin & John. Thanks for sharing your humour at a difficult time for me.
Terminator skull: Polyurethane foam & fiberglass.
in Bootleg factory, Auckland.
Terminator Skull on Cherry picker arm.
"Fight for life" scull in action.
Felix: Polystyrene foam & epoxy glass fiber.

Toby: Steel armature, fibreglass, hemp fiber.
acrylic laquer.

Indian Elephant: Modeled on Kashin from Auckland Zoo
Polyurethane foam & fiberglass
A scan of the New Zealand Geographic Magazine Number 15 July September 1992 Pages 90 & 91. I was working as an industrial model maker, sculptor, sign writer and special projects manager for Signing on Sign writers.

Thai Golden Elepahant: Ferro cement. Epoxy paint
Boris the spider: Steel armature, Polyurethane foam & fiberglass.
acrylic lacquer.
Qantas model aircarft: Polystyrene and
silver iced birthday cake.

Qantas birthday cake.
Max o tac phone: Promo 3.D sign for Motorolla Plywood, fibreglass, perspex, anamatronics & lighting.

Welder / self portrait: retail shop front sign. Polyurethane foam, fibreglass, MDF board, polyester resin. Neon and Halogen lighting.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Art Gallery: The work of Harmen Hielkema

Portraits, drawings and painting. A selection of the hundreds of portraits and other works made by me over the years. Many others are unrecorded and hang on the walls of homes of friends and family around the world.

To discuss commissioning me to create a unique original for you, please feel free to contact me: Harmen Hielkema. Ph.+66494057855

L Douglas Horman. Pencil on paper.
Yvonne Rust, coloured pencil on unglazed stoneware plate.

Eric and Helenie with Little Yossie. acrylic on canvas.
Doctor G.M. Smith of Rawene. Pencil on paper.

Eric Hiakita. Pencil on paper

Julie Holton: Pencil on paper. (3rd generation photograph, low quality)

Julie Holton. Pencil on paper. (3rd generation photograph, low quality)
Jeen Oostenrijk. Pencil on paper
Robert Downey: coloured pencil on paper
"Opa" Henk Oostenrijk: (3rd generation photograph, low quality)
Roelof Hielkema, Pencil on paper
Maori Woman 1876. After a painting by Gottfried Lindauer. Graphite on paper.

Lyn McGrath. coloured pencil on paper.

Elise McGrath: coloured pencil on paper. 2008
Kotuku (Maori for white heron): at Rawene.
aquarelle coloured pencil and airbrush on paper. 500mm x 650mm.
Original photo reference by Martin Sanders.
Catherine's horse. Acrylic on canvas 1200mm x 1200mm.
Taraka Mimiti. Acrylic on Canvas, 900mm x 510mm
"Beppe" Feikje Hielkema: Pencil on paper. (3rd generation photograph, low quality)

Sarah Kelly of Waima: Pencil on paper. 2008. 500 x 650 mm
Image based on an old 1919 postcard in the collection of the Kelly family. (2nd generation photograph, low quality)

Nigel Holton: Aquarelle coloured pencil on paper.

Totara Sunset. Oil on canvas, 850 x 550mm. Private collection of the Land Family

Woman with her horse: Aquarelle coloured pencil on paper.
Cleo: Aquarelle coloured pencil on paper.
Rebekka dancing: Aquarelle Coloured pencil on paper.

Aaria dancing: aquarelle coloured pencil on paper.
Emily: Aquarelle Coloured pencil on paper.
Abigail: Aquarelle Coloured pencil on paper.

Lola: Aquarelle coloured pencil on paper.
Pupuke Sunrise: Watercolour on paper.
Te Wa at Sunset, Coromadel: Watercolour
Takapu @ Ngataringa Bay: Watercolour.
Toroa off Milford: Aquarelle coloured pencil on paper.

My impression of Takapu. Water colour on paper illustration.

Micronesian outrigger canoe: Aquarelle coloured pencil on paper.
Takapu the Gannet: Aquarelle coloured pencil on paper.
One owner: Tempera water colour on paper.
Riverhead house @ Horeke, Hokianga: Water colour.

Tangaroa: Mural, acrylic over permafil on board, 1200 mm x 2400 mm

Ariki beating home past North Head, Auckland: Acrylic on canvas, 1989
Based on a black and white image by Henry Winkelman, circa 1907

Two new boat portraits.

Beneteau 58 "Lassez Faire" Water colour on Paper, A4 size. Halberg Rassy "Pesto" Water colour on paper, A4 size...