Thursday, March 6, 2008

Harmen's sculpture gallery

A small selection of commercial sculpture made by me during my working career. There are many more pieces unrecorded, distributed all over NZ.
Harmen's left hand: Steel armature, polyurethane foam & fiberglass.

A special thanks here to the boys at Bootleg Design: Carl Moody, Mike Chapman, Garreth Pugh, Ray, Kevin & John. Thanks for sharing your humour at a difficult time for me.
Terminator skull: Polyurethane foam & fiberglass.
in Bootleg factory, Auckland.
Terminator Skull on Cherry picker arm.
"Fight for life" scull in action.
Felix: Polystyrene foam & epoxy glass fiber.

Toby: Steel armature, fibreglass, hemp fiber.
acrylic laquer.

Indian Elephant: Modeled on Kashin from Auckland Zoo
Polyurethane foam & fiberglass
A scan of the New Zealand Geographic Magazine Number 15 July September 1992 Pages 90 & 91. I was working as an industrial model maker, sculptor, sign writer and special projects manager for Signing on Sign writers.

Thai Golden Elepahant: Ferro cement. Epoxy paint
Boris the spider: Steel armature, Polyurethane foam & fiberglass.
acrylic lacquer.
Qantas model aircarft: Polystyrene and
silver iced birthday cake.

Qantas birthday cake.
Max o tac phone: Promo 3.D sign for Motorolla Plywood, fibreglass, perspex, anamatronics & lighting.

Welder / self portrait: retail shop front sign. Polyurethane foam, fibreglass, MDF board, polyester resin. Neon and Halogen lighting.

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