Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cathrine's Horse "Camy" a newly completed commission.

Cathrine and Mike asked me to make a painting using Cathrine's horse as a subject.
I know it looks like a sophisticated street sign but my cropping skills aren't that good. The original is a diamond shape, a square canvas rotated through 45 degrees. The painting was made using a number of visual references, some from photos and some from life. Because the horse is owned by an Omapere resident I chose the beach at Opononi, Hokianga NZ as the location for the portrait. The view to the harbour mouth with the Iconic dunes is a dramatic backdrop for this dynamic image.

I was influenced by Chinese horse paintings as a child. A close family friend had a magnificent and very large, black on white Chinese horse painting on the lounge wall in their family home which made a lasting impression on me.

This is my interpretation.


Two new boat portraits.

Beneteau 58 "Lassez Faire" Water colour on Paper, A4 size. Halberg Rassy "Pesto" Water colour on paper, A4 size...