Friday, March 8, 2013

Sati the Elephant has her first coat of plaster.

Red sail comes from my old outrigger canoe Toroa.
The sun is beating down causing the plaster to cure too fast, solution? rig a shade sail.

The blue band is bone setting casting bandage of the synthetic, 3M variety wrapped tightly around the repair to Sati's foot to prevent cracking in the plastered surface. I used the same material to reinforce her tusks.

Ladders come in handy for all sorts of stuff.
Sati salutes you.

view from the neighbouring driveway out across the Hokianga Harbour.

Ready for the next step

This is what you will see when you visit.

After the last two coats of finishing plaster reinforced with glass cloth I will coat Sati with a waterbased Epoxy clear coat which will darken and warmly enrich the natural plaster colour. I'll use a tinted white plaster for the fore head, tusks and toenails before the final clear coat goes on.

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